Long lived access tokens in home Assistant

Yesterday, I figured out how to implement long lived access tokens (LLAT) in Home Assistant and Llamalab Automate. I will be updating the Llamlab Automate script to allow both methods shortly. LLAT’s are useful if you want to allocate specific identity access to a client app. It also means you do not have to share your main API password for Home Assistant outside your secure environment.

More fun with car telemetry

Following on from the first car telemetry project, I have also now leveraged the excellent Grafana graphing tool to visualise the data presented. Who knows though, with the Home Assistant frontend improving all the time, maybe some can visualise all this data directly in home Assistant To see what I did and tips on how you can add it to your Home Assistant setup, checkout my project page.

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Car telemetry in Home Assistant

So I thought for my first project to share with you would be something I did a while ago now to link Home Assistant to my Car. This project brings your automobile straight into Home assistant. What you do with it from there is up to you. Checkout my project page for the write up. If you have any questions, please drop me a comment.

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